As a Patent Agent, We represent clients before the Intellectual Property Department (The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region) on all patent matters.

If you have created a new or improved product, article of manufacture, chemical composition, process and all new design of a functional item. Your chances for success depend on the action you take to patent the idea.

What is a Patent?

A Patent gives the patentee exclusive rights to an invention, in return for full disclosure to the public, for a set period of time is 20 years (most other countries).

Are all inventions patentable?

No, to be patentable an invention has to be novelty and not obvious to a person of ordinary skill who is experienced in that particular technology. In many countries, scientific theories, mathematical methods, plant or animal varieties, discoveries of natural substances or methods for medical treatment are generally not patentable.
Also, in order to obtain a valid Patent, most countries require a patent application to be filed before the invention is made available to the public in any way.

Why should I protect my invention?

Patents are often a good warning to the other businesses. Many competitors are now more aware of Patents and the consequences of being found to be infringing a Patent.
When viewed over 20 year life of the Patent, it is very cost effective for the protection which is obtained.
Patents can be used to gain capital. They can be sold, or mortgaged to a bank to raise funds. You can also license your Patent in order to raise funds through royalty payments.

All progress, all success, springs from thinking. It makes sense to protect an idea, before you make it, and before someone else profits from it. It could be your most valuable asset. You need to be careful to avoid losing your rights.