IPMS offers the service of a trademark search along with a legal opinion as to the "registerability" of your mark. We take pride in saving unnecessary application fees when the mark in question is unlikely to register from the beginning. Based on our familiarity with Trademarks, we can also help you select a "registerable" mark should there be any problem with the mark you have chosen. Our chartered trademark attorneys have over ten years experience in handling worldwide trademark application.
In addition, IPMS offers the unique service of graphic design and identity development for your trademark or servicemark.

All progress, all success, springs from thinking. It makes sense to protect an idea, before you make it, and before someone else profits from it. It could be your most valuable asset. You need to be careful to avoid losing your rights.

What is a Trade Mark?

A trade mark is simply the means by which you identify your goods or services. It can be in the form of a word, name, signature, slogan, device or logo..

Can all Trade Marks be registratered?

The answer was No, but most can. Certain trade marks are more difficult to register than others, such as trade marks which clearly describe your goods or services, which consist of the name of a large city or country,etc.

A registered trademark legally protects a name, logo or slogan used to identify a business or product. Trade marks can be registrated in nearly every country in the world. You should aim to protect your trade mark wherever your goods are sold or your services provided now or in the future. IPMS provides professional services for registration of world-wide trade marks.